Sacred Heart School

Beagle Bay

" Too Good... Too Deadly "

Which class are you in?

Beagle Bay Mob AFaFE

Miss Sandy and Miss Tessa are working with the Beagle Bay Mob AFaFE. Miss Kazue will return to AFaF

Kindy and PrePrimary

Mr Pat and Miss Amber can be found in the K/PP room this year.

Year 2/3

Miss Alice and Miss Brigid are the teachers in the Year 2/3 classroom this year.

Year 4/5

This year, in the Year 4/5 classroom Miss Nancye and Miss Shonelle are the teachers.

Year 5/6

This year in the Year 5/6 class Mr Garrett and Miss Rebecca are the teachers.


Miss Amy and Mr Lenny are the teachers in Secondary K classroom this year.

Year 1

Miss Carla and Miss Tracey are enjoying their time as the teachers working in Year One.